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Find your Get high rank in JEE Main Entrance 2013-2014 Examination provided by Prof. P. C. Thomasto ensure HIGH RANK.

Our Recommended Get high rank in JEE Main Entrance 2013-2014 Exam provided by Prof. P. C. Thomas for NEET

NEET 95 Points
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7 facts you must know about Our Course

1What is Get high score in your NEET Medical Entrance Exam 2013-2014? Why is it important?
O-Score is the unit of your overall study effectiveness with our Courses. This is scientifically calculated from your performance on the tests you take.We can guarantee that students who achieve “Oztern Recommended” O-Score in the study program will definitely get high ranks in NEET Medical Entrance Exam. The suggested O-Score for NEET Medical Entrance is 95 Points.

2What is unique about your course?
Oztern is Personalized and Gamified. Our NEET Medical Entrance course is uniquely customized for individual learners on the basis of their current preparation levels. Our intelligent system automatically generates the well-designed questions from your weak areas identified in previous evaluations and helps you reach your goals in the available time. We also engage students by incorporating GAMING into the study program. The system rewards the student’s achievements and motivates them to reach their goals within the available time. It helps them build competitive spirit and confidence in their NEET Medical Entrance preparation. Most importantly, you can easily measure your progress with our SCORE based system. Once you gain 100 POINTS and 300 BADGES, it means you have successfully completed the course and ready for NEET Medical Entrance.

3What is the quality of the Course Content?
Prof. P.C. Thomas and the faculty of Chaithanya Classes have created our course content. They all have more than 30 years of experience and have already produced 20 thousand doctors and 300 thousand engineers.The NEET Medical Entrance course content comprises of carefully designed questions and short notes that are suitable not only for NEET Medical Entrance examinations, but also encourage students to try and think about different ways to solve a problem. Students can also know about latest question pattern and syllabus of NEET Entrance Exam 2013 & 2014. The Course also contains questions from 11th and 12th grades so that you can practice to get good marks in your Board Exams too.

4Is there any way, I can learn your courses without using Internet?
Yes. Now, we offer GADGETS embedded with Prof. P.C. Thomas courses designed to support personalized learning. You do not need an Internet connection to learn the content available on GADGET and is available in the form of USB drive.If you have a personal computer at home and you are facing problems with slow or limited internet access, you can learn with our GADGET. The personal USB drive with selected courses can be connected with your computer to start learning the NEET Medical Entrance study materials. All your learning activities will be recorded in the USB and can be continued on another computer, if required. And when you need to download more study materials or download the latest updates, simply connect to the Internet. Please write to us at sales@oztern.com or call us on our toll free no. 1800-3000-2552. Our counselors would help you to pick the right Key for your needs.

5I have already joined another coaching class. Should I join this Program?
It is good that you are attending NEET Entrance coaching classes, but our Program acts as an important SUPPORT for you. This is because there are many online tests in the NEET Medical Entrance course that you can take at any time of the day. The tests given in Coaching Classes are limited in number because of time constraints.We use the Adaptive Learning System. Through trial and error methods, students can try new ideas that they have not tried before and check if there are better ways to solve a given problem. This program can guide them to success in their NEET Medical Entrance Exams.

6Do we have online faculty support?
Online faculty support is available for NEET Medical Entrance in an asynchronous mode. Students can clear their doubts from faculties of Prof. P. C. Thomas Classes; they have to type their questions and expert teachers will answer them within a certain time. In today’s world, smart work is more important than hard work; a lack of faculty support is the last thing that you should worry about.

7I am in my 11th grade, should I already start Oztern course at this stage itself?
Yes! This is an online course that is available 24X7. You can participate in this program even if you go to school regularly. Thus by the time you complete your 11th and 12th, you are 95% ready to write the NEET Medical Entrance exams. This will give you confidence to write the NEET and Engineering exams. Competition is very high these days; even if you make three mistakes your rank can go 10 levels down. Many students study for almost 2 years after their 12th grade exams to get admission in leading medical colleges. But if you learn systematically in your 11th and 12th, you have a high chance of getting good rank in the NEET Medical Entrance first attempt itself, with the help of by Prof. P. C. Thomas Classes

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