Learn research based questions with detailed solutions, solve unlimited doubts and measure the effectiveness of your preparation.



Chapter wise practice

Practice chapter-wise test papers, which are generated from the topics where you need most attention.

Concept Notes

Each chapter has precise and brief notes, which can be used for a quick recap of the key points.

Performance Analysis

The students and parents can view detailed progress reports and identify weaker topic areas.

Online Model Test Papers

Take exam-like model paper tests with latest pattern questions, detailed solutions and analytics.

Doubt Clearance with Experts

Ask as many question-specific doubts as you need and our experts will respond within 24 hours.

Managed Study Planner

We will help you with a plan to complete the course with optional and mandatory tasks.

Monitoring & Feedback

We oversee your activities in the course and give continuous feedback for focused improvement.


Your test results will be compared with the top scores to let you know where you stand in the competition.

Rank Prediction

You will be able to see your All-India Rank and learn where you stand in the competition matrix.

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