Learn research based questions with detailed solutions, solve unlimited doubts and measure the effectiveness of your preparation.




Personalized Chapterwise Practice

You can take unlimited tests from any chapter in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. After the first test in a chapter, the next tests are all customized to give you more questions from your weaker portions in that chapter

Points to Remember

For a quick revision of a chapter, you will be shown all the main points, theories and formulas from that chapter in an easy to remember format. You can read through these points and go to the tests.

Progress Reports

Easy to understand reports showing your current progress will be given to your parents and you. You would also get tips to improve your time management and accuracy.

Clear Doubts

You can ask as many question specific doubts as you need and our subject matter experts would revert with detailed solutions.

25 Weekly Tests

You would be given 25 weekly tests covering upto 5 chapters during the course of your study. Each such test would be followed with answers and detailed explanation.

Mentoring Calls

You would be get mentoring calls with recommendations to better your performance during the course of your study.

Study Planner

A customized study time table will be built for you by your mentor based on your time and priority. This is so that you get a flexible and yet systematic study routine.

Monitoring & Feedback

The mentor would monitor your progress as per the study planner and give feedback as well as recommendations to improve your preparation.

Benchmarking with Toppers

Score benchmarking with our top rankholders to help you understand your preparation level.

Test Series with All India Rank

You would also get 75 NEET Mock tests based on NEET pattern. At the end of each such Mock test your All India Rank would be shown.

High Score Guarantee

Complete your course based on our guidelines and we guarantee you a high score in NEET.