AIIMS 2020 Study Tips

Aiims 2020

AIIMS MBBS is one of the most competitive exams in India. To score well in the exam one has to prepare the best strategy for the exam. Every year more than 3 lakh students appear for the exam, for getting admission in MBBS course. The most common problem every student have faced is the level of questions in the physics section. Some students are not able to finish the paper on time due to the physics section. To make sure it doesn't AIIMS 2020 in future you have to give more efforts in physics. That’s why prioritizing subjects as per difficulty level and important topics as per weightage are very important.

Preparing for AIIMS 2020 can be quite stressful for candidates as most of them have to prepare for their Class XII exam as well. In order to make preparation not complicated the examtalk will discuss ‘AIIMS 2020 Study Tips’ in details.

AIIMS 2020 Study Tips

 Start making Timetable

The first step set your daily routine and keep a fixed time for studying for AIIMS. Pick the chapters in the order of their importance. Self-Study for at least 5 hours a day initially and gradually progress as the exam comes near. Divide your study slots in such a way that you don’t waste your time in the same topic.

Revise the formula

Most important always write all important formula and graphs in one separate notebook, read it daily, it will help you to remember all formula. If you don't like numerical section then you must start practising from now onwards.

Make the physics subject as your first priority

Unlike other subjects, physics requires proper attention because it’s purely conceptual based subject. Whatever happens, don’t leave the numerical problem as it is. Since numerical based questions are asked in the exam most of the time, so it is best to understand the core concepts rather than learning.

Study Chemistry in an organized way

Organic Chemistry is one of the areas where most of the student’s struggles most, it is not very complicated, but sometimes it is hard to absorb. Rather than learning the reaction, practice them daily. In Inorganic chemistry, you have to learn some theories because there are concepts which can’t be explained through logic. In physical chemistry, you have to solve a lot of questions which require a lot of calculation. Try to solve more questions, to get the idea about the approximation. With solving numerical question don’t ignore the theoretical section. For becoming good in theory, nothing is better than NCERT.

Grasp every chapter of Biology

One of the difficult things about biology is remembering different terms, to make it easy; take notes while learning the chapters. Once you are done with the chapters, solve all the example provided in the NCERT book. Since a lot of question is diagram based, sketching a diagram will the best way to prepare.

Practice with tests regularly

Make sure that you give chapter wise test practice on a regular basis. Refer to NCERT course books of 11th as well as 12th standards for comprehensive preparation. Once you are done by the whole syllabus then solve previous years’ sample and mock papers of AIIMS to get a fair idea of the test pattern. Also, try solving mock AIIMS papers within the assigned time to improve speed. Do not leave the question in the middle. Never jump from one question to another until you finish first.

No replacement for Hard Work

Since there is no escape from hard work; the more you study the more confidence you become. Only the honest effort will get you closer to the dream of getting in AIIMS.

Healthy Routines

  1. Waking up in the morning is the most important thing because the study found out that the morning studies are more useful in comparison to night studies. During the morning time, it is easier to learn and revise
  2. Do regular exercise to keep yourself mentally and physically fit.
  3. Food that is high in protein and fibre are way better for you in the long run.
  4. Consume the water regularly, it will keep you hydrated during the study hours.

You must follow these AIIMS 2020 preparation tips to score more in the NEET Exam. And must avoid all the mistakes which are mentioned during their AIIMS preparation exam.

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