Know the Importance of Practising AIIMS Mock Test

aiims mock test

AIIMS Mock Test: Last year AIIMS exam happened on May 26 and May 27 for 800 MBBS seats. Around 3 lakhs student appear for the exam. The difficulty level of the exam was moderate to difficult.

Like NEET and JIPMER, physics was the toughest, while biology and GK were quite simple. As per the experts, those who have prepared properly for the medical entrance exam will be able to answer approximately 80% of the paper without any problem.

In this post, first we will talk about subject wise preparation then we will cover the importance of AIIMS Mock Test.

AIIMS Mock Test-Subject Wise Preparation


  1. To clarify the basic concept, NCERT should be the first step.
  2. While solving any derivative, first try and understand the logic behind the derivation.
  3. If you are struggling in numerical section then you better start practicing now.
  4. Unlike other subjects, physics is a conceptual based subject so it requires more attention.
  5. Make sure that you practice AIIMS Mock Test


Organic Chemistry is one of the areas where majority of the student’s struggles, it is not very complicated, but sometimes it is difficult to absorb.

Never learn the reaction instead practice them daily.

Don’t move to the new chapter until and unless you are fully confident with at least one chapter.

When it comes to Inorganic chemistry, you must learn some theories because there are concepts which can’t be generalised through logical understanding.

In physical chemistry, you have to solve many questions which require a lot of calculation. The more you solve the questions, the more you get the idea about the approximation.


  1. First, make sure that you are studying with the help of NCERT. 
  2. You must know the weight age of all the chapters so that you can prepare accordingly.
  3. To remember the tough definition, try and explain it to your friends or family.
  4. Don’t miss the 10 years questions paper of AIIMS. This will give you an idea about the type of question being asked.

AIIMS Mock Test-Importance

  1. With regular practice of mock test you will get the clear idea of accuracy and speed.
  2. Most important thing about mock test is time management. It helps in solving problems faster.
  3. Sitting for 3 hours for an exam is not easy especially for NEET. Practicing mock test will give you the exposure of exam environment.


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Happy Preparation!!