Guidelines To Manage NEET Preparation With Board Exams

Most medical aspirants find it difficult to prepare and crack both-the board exams and the NEET exam together in the same year. Many students start some kind of NEET coaching in class 11, but then a majority of them drop out of the coaching by Class 12 to focus more on board exams. In turn, they end up wasting one valuable year for repeating. 

Being an education research organization and online test preparation platform since 2009, Oztern has found that 89% of our students clearing NEET are first timers and appear for NEET along with their board exam. So statistically speaking you have a better chance of clearing NEET exam in your class 12 itself. For students to achieve this, meticulous planning and disciplined execution is needed. Find below a few tips that Oztern’s students have used to successfully crack the board and NEET exam hand in hand:

  1. Strong Subject Knowledge:

Understand and study the concepts from Physics, Chemistry and Biology thoroughly. For this rely primarily on the NCERT texts along with notes prepared in class. Ensure that you are in the habit of reading the NCERT text as the chapter is completed in class. For this you could also use Oztern’s Quick Notes to regularly revise through the important points in chapter easily.

  1. Regular Self-practice with Relevant MCQs:

You must practice Multiple-Choice type questions for NEET daily. It is important to start this practice as soon as possible, because NEET covers the syllabus of both class 11 and 12. It is also equally important to choose the right and relevant content for this MCQ practice. It is here that Oztern Test Prep will help you. Oztern is an education research organization with a team working towards updating the modules with latest pattern questions needed for NEET. The courses include both- Chapter wise tests and NEET-like Mock Tests.

  1. Regular Doubt Clearance:

Remember only attempting MCQs is not enough. Because your purpose is not simply attempting tests. Your purpose is still learning from the correct answers and explanation. So clear doubts as you are preparing itself. In Oztern’s modules you can ask as many question specific doubts as you need to the subject matter experts and they revert back to you with detailed explanations.

  1. Prepare a Study plan:

If you have started NEET practice only now, I would recommend you to start the MCQ practice for the chapter being covered in school only. Try and get help from one of Oztern’s educational counsellors to help you with an optimum study plan suited to your preparation style and level. 

  1. Practice NEET-like Mock tests 

Starting from December till May, you need to practice NEET Mock tests based on the NEET exam pattern. This is important for developing Time and Stress management skills. Ideally, you can start with 2 mock tests per weekend and increase the number to thrice a week after board exams. So in this manner, you can cover anywhere between 75 to 100 mock tests.